The Club

"Be The Best You Can Be"

Our Club's Core Values

The club is open to anyone that shares the same values no matter race, religion or gender.

We show respect to all stakeholders around us.
We take full responsibility of our actions and commitments.
We plan together and execute together. 

We are open to learn and to empower the people that surround us.
We develop our players, the coaches, the staff, and our club.

We always want to do things better and we achieve that by constant learning and improving.

Our Philosophy

The way we play will always serve the development of the players at Sporting Club Merseyside.

Development Comes First

The most important thing for us at the end of the game is not the result, or how many goals we scored, but how well our players were able to implement what they were learning on the training ground. 

This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to win, but our first and most important goal is to improve our players.

A Fun, Friendly And Positive Coaching Environment

We believe that we should coach down to the smallest possible detail, and we should always demand the player to excel. We share with our players the aims and the objective of the training sessions and monitor their personal development. 

We believe that playing well begins by training well throughout the week. We coach during games in a positive manner to encourage our players and give them confidence to give their best performance. We support our players so that they feel confident enough to be creative.

Modern Attacking And Entertaining Football

Our playing philosophy is highly detailed to enable players to develop and play modern attacking football.

We want to control the ball as much as we can, and show personal initiative – always wanting to influence the game. We defend as a team and we never give up – playing until the final whistle.

Football Is Much More Than A Game

We want our players to build their self esteem, we want them to understand the correlation between hard work and improvement.

We want them to be able to work in a team and understand the power of teamwork to succeed. We want our players to be able to control their emotions and challenge them in game situations. This helps them to overcome mental obstacles.

Fuel Your Child's Development

We’re looking for players to join our team for the upcoming season.

Fuel Your Development with Sporting Club Merseyside.

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