Terms and conditions

Parents/carers agree to

  1. Adhere to the Spectators and Parents/Carers ‘Respect’ FA’s Code of Conduct (see further down).
  2. Be responsible for ensuring their child arrives and is collected promptly (if a child is unable to attend the club activities and/or events for any reason or is going to be collected late, then the club activity and/or event organisers must be informed).
  3. Ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the club activities and/or events, has water, hand-sanitizer, sun protection lotion and a rain coat – as appropriate.
  4. Inform the club activity and/or event organisers in advance if the designated parent/carer cannot collect a child.

Play your part and support the FA's Code of Respect

  1. Have fun; it’s what we’re all here for!

  2. Celebrate effort and good play from both sides.

  3. Always respect the Referee and coaches and encourage players to do the same.

  4. Stay behind the touchline and within the Designated Spectators’ Area (where provided).

  5. When players make mistakes, offer them encouragement to try again next time.

  6. Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour.


WE ONLY DO POSITIVE: http://www.thefa.com/get-involved/respect/we-only-do-positive

I understand that if i do not follow the code, i may be:

  1. Issued with a verbal warning or asked to leave.
  2. Required to meet with the club activity and/or event organisers, or CFA Welfare Officer.
  3. Obliged to undertake an FA education course.
  4. Requested not to attend future club activities and/or events, training sessions or games, be suspended or have my membership removed.
  5. Required to leave the club along with any dependents and/or issued a fine.