Image Policy

Why We Use Images

We may wish to use images (film or digital photographs and/or moving pictures) of children and young people taking part in Sporting Club Merseyside (SCM) activities to;

  • Celebrate the achievements of the children;
  • Raise awareness of the activities and in PR publications;
  • Share with official commercial partners of SCM for the purposes contained above;

We Will Ensure That...

When using images of Children or young people we will;

  • not include unnecessary personal information
  • ensure focus remains on the activities
  • ensure all children are appropriately dressed
  • ensure fair representation of all involved

All SCM Children photographers have DBS checks and are safeguarding trained.

By agreeing to this policy you give permission;

  • For the taking and / or publication of still and moving images of my child by the Club’s designated Childrens photographer(s) throughout the world in any and all media for the Specified Purposes.
  • For the Club to store copies of the still and/or moving images of my child for the Specified Purposes
  • And consent that photographs and film may be used in or on any appropriate Club marketing, media and communications activity, such as adverts, literature, branding, match day publications and via electronic and social media platforms.
  • And consent that at times the club may share images of film events with the Club official partners for their own purposes.
You also confirm that;
  • This child is not subject to family, care or legal proceedings, or other proceedings that may affect the publication of images.
  • This child is NOT fostered, adopted, in public care, has been in public care or is not subject to a social services protection order.