Before signing up, we believe it is important for us to observe each player in a full training session. This is so our coaches can decide on the best development program, and team, for each individual player. 

Please fill out the form on this page and one of our team will be in touch to invite your child to a training session.

Player Application Process

Step 1

Fill Out A Taster Session Form

The first step to joining the club is to get a free taster session for your child. 

This is so we can find out some more information about the player before inviting them to a training session with our coaches.

You can fill out the free taster session form below.

Step 2

Come To A Training Session

The second step is for your child to attend a training session. We believe we get to know a player better this way, and can decide on a specific development programme that is best suited for them.

Step 3

The Coaching Team Decides On A Specific Development Programme

Our coaches will then decide on a specific training programme for your child, after observing them in a training session.

This helps us to ensure that every player is on the correct team, and on a specific development programme that best fuels their development.

Get Your Child's Free Taster Session


Please fill out the form below to get your child’s free taster session. 

One of our team will then respond and invite you to a training session.

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